Friday, February 8, 2013

Hi! Nice to Meet Ya!

Well, It's time to shake things up just a bit. It is either do this, or delete my blog. I mean, I'm all over the place, I know... I am working out some of my issues and I know I lack direction.

When I first started this blog I wanted to make some money. (I made 3 cents.)

Then I wanted to convert the world to Catholicism. (But who am I kidding? I need to shut up and listen to you guys!!!)

For the past year I've been seeking a lot of sympathy. (Post Partum depression, hypothyroid, probably regular depression too, yikes.)

And when I lack the guts to be TRANSPARENT, I've just stuck with safe topics, like the Holy Bible. (And how I love it so!)

So, without further delay, I would like to say:

My GOAL for 2013 is COURAGE.

The Purpose of this blog (for today at least) is to Share My Joy (and occasional pains) of Catholicism and Motherhood and Working Full Time, with anyone who cares.

My mission is finding JOY and discovering how to grow closer to Christ.

For Lent I am giving up SELFISHNESS.

Here are my 3 beauties: Lauren is 6, Leah is almost 10 months, Layna is 2. (And very soon to be: 7,1,3).

Here we are at the Mexican Restaurant/Dive down the street were we can feed our family of 5 for less than $20 (except when we order one of these...)

I am a software engineer. My husband, J, is a teacher.
We usually need a drink after all the screaming and tantrums at our house:
(Although, this picture was not taken in our house, and this is a LONG STORY for another post, but it is a picture of my 2 year old in the throes of a tantrum.)
Here is our beautiful church where our youngest was baptized. This is where I drive across town to get away from all the liturgical abuses I complain about in my posts:
Oh, yes, and my name is Sharon.  Nice to Meet You, Really, It is!
I wish you a wonderful lent. GOD BLESS YOU!


  1. Keep on writing!! I thouroughly enjoy reading about your life. I feel much the same way on so many levels but I lack courage to write about it. Your living testimony is strength for my soul!!
    Mom to 5 ages 9 to 5 mos.

    1. Well, thank you Anon, that is the nicest thing that I think you could have said... Maybe you should start a blog? With 5 little ones, no doubt you have a lot to share with the world.

  2. Sometimes we wonder just how transparent we should really be. So many strangers read our posts. Sometimes it is like we are trying to get attention, when really all we are doing is venting or trying to document something. Tonight I am working a post over in my mind. It is not one I am posting for sympathy at all, but it is one filled with sadness. I need to document my feelings so I will write it. It is a part of the bloggy world. Keep writing, it is therapeutic and who knows, you just may lead a lost soul to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. You may never know that you did, but that is not necessary. BTW, you have a beautiful family.

    1. Thanks Evy, I just saw your "other" blog, boy, I have been missing out!

  3. I have loved reading what you have on your blog and I'm so glad to know your family and their names!

    My Helen turns 7 on February 23 -- so I bet she and Lauren would be fast friends!!

    I have found that I run the gamut on my blog...and there's a great community out here. And I'm so happy to know another WOTHM!! :)

    1. THANK YOU!! :-) I found your blog on line while I was pregnant and miserable and I was so encouraged and happy. You were (and have been) my inspiration and my first blog friend. I do love you and your blog. (And our 6 year olds would totally be friends! Lauren will be 7 on March 8th!)

  4. In a world so connected by wires, we really are very disconnected. So, in reaching out to encourage one another in living the gift of our Catholic faith, we find one another and give witness to one another. However, I struggle with deleting my blog too. Why? Because I know that the greatest gift I can give back to God is to do my daily duty with great love. When we do that we transform the world one soul at a time. Sort of like the seed parable Christ told his disciples (Mark 4:26-29). We do not have to do anything big, we only have to do little things (which many of us would say are the day to day duties and cares of raising a family); to do these that are directly related to our vocation...with great love for God. He transforms the world using these little seeds of love that we sow.
    What I am getting at is in a world of great communication, we still need to connect, however, we must not let it neglect our daily duty and personal time with God. Nor should it put a strain on our health. Therefore, if there is time to write and it encourages...then write. If there is no time, give your work for the transforming of more moms to live their faith out more fully.
    Being open to allow our thoughts of God to be shared to spread the Gospel is a call of us all...if it is done without the neglect of the vocation we are called first to come to God through.
    Lastly, we find clarity and connections to all souls by a close relationship with Christ. We need one another, but we need Him first. Once we know He understands, our lives change for the better.
    God bless you all.

    1. Susan, don't delete your blog... I think what you are getting at is balance in blogging, right? I can see how this can become a tempting distraction and even detriment, one which takes away from our families and time with God. Personally, I write infrequently, and during the late hours when my kids are asleep. I do spend too much time checking to see if I have received any comments though :-) call it my fallen human nature! I don't tune into secualar media, so Catholic blogs are great for me... for information, for education, for entertainment, they do challenge and inspire. I like everything you have to say about "quiet meditation" on your blog. I couldn't agree with you more.

  5. Wow, I have been out of the loop for a little bit - I missed all these great posts! I love the idea of introducing ourselves and I may just do the same, if you don't mind me stealing the idea. Thanks for sharing - And I sure wish that I had access to the Mexican restaurant that costs so little! Imagine it must be even cheaper for just 2 of us! LOL! Beautiful little gifts from God too - how cute. Even in tantrum mode.

    1. Thanks, Dawn! Of course you can introduce yourself, that would be awesome.

  6. and thank you for the warm thoughts on my post about Mom. Still trying to find time, courage and the words to post. All I ask is that you say some special prayers for her continued strength and courage as she soldiers through this. ♥

    1. You are welcome. She is in my prayers.


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