Friday, April 20, 2012

My Easter Baby

On April 6th 2012, Good Friday, at 7:07am Leah Catherine was born! Praise God!

The 9 1/2 months was worth the wait! Her birth was via Cesarean, and all went very smoothly. Leah weighed 8 lbs and 10 oz. at birth, my smallest child! I can't believe we have another girl! My husband was by my side for the birth, caught the Big Event on film, and was able to "break the news"... I think I was secretly hoping (for his sake) that it would be a boy, but I am so happy to have another little girl in my life, and besides, now we don't have to paint the baby's room (it is already lavender, and we have a lot of little girls clothes, but no boys.. so it sure makes life easier :-)  We already decided that our next baby, we are definitely finding out the sex in advance. It was kind of fun not knowing this time, but overall, we decided it is better for us to find out in advance, to bond and to prepare.

While I was in the hospital resting, my husband and my sister celebrated Easter at our home with the girls.

And I have to post these pictures of "Big Sister" Layna, holding her new "Little Sister", it just melts my heart...

It is amazing to me how sensitive a 2 year old can be...

We all love our new addition!