Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saying Goodbye to the Smoking Lady

When I was in college, almost 20 years ago, I walked into a coffee shop and saw a large picture hanging on the wall in a broken glass frame. There was a little tag on it that said $175. I loved this picture so much, I had to have it. I saved up my money and I went back and bought it and took it home with me. I was so pleased to find out that it was a very high quality lithograph from France and probably quite valuable. Later, after I had graduated, had my first real job and apartment, I had it put in a very expensive custom frame and hung it on my wall. It's hard to explain why, but I so loved my smoking lady.

This picture has followed me through the years from 2 different college housing units, 2 apartments, 2 townhomes, and 3 different single family homes that I have owned. The Smoking Lady hasn't always been hanging up on display, but she has always been put in a safe place. I've always had a bizarre attachment/attraction to her.

It is finally time to say goodbye. As I grow in my faith, I am becoming more and more conscious of the fact that what is in my home, what I do and say, the books I read, and the TV shows and movies that I watch affect more than myself. My children are watching me! It wasn't without a tinge of sadness that Smoking Lady went into the Goodwill donation bin. But now she is gone for good... Farewell my old friend, it was time for us to part.

Here is what my husband and I bought to replace her. She is Our New Lady and we have hung her up in our family room. 



  1. Please pray for me that my husband will allow me to hang such pretty Catholic art!! Thx!

    He seems more secular. Or wait. I'm more Catholic. It's interesting how one changes as their faith grows.

    1. My husband is also more secular. He likes to be "balanced"... whatever that means. I think that means he likes to drink too much beer. *Sigh* At least he lets me hang up my Catholic stuff. I'll say a little prayer for you.


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