Monday, January 16, 2012

Pregnant And Not Finding Out The Sex

Today was a great day! Besides having a holiday off of work, my husband was able to come with me to my ultrasound. I'm 27 weeks pregnant. It is always so thrilling to see images of the little baby inside of you, heart beating, stretching, kicking, yawning, moving... It's so awesome. We are so blessed to be parents!

I have decided *not* to find out the sex of this baby. My first two children are girls, and we knew it well in advance. We had plenty of time to paint the nursery lavender, decorate it with lots of pink and purple flowers, and get together our little girls' baby supplies. After listening to a male co-worker express the joy and anticipation that he felt at the birth of his little boy, and later, his little girl, and having no idea until the moment of birth if they were going to be little boys or girls, he was beaming as he explained that it was "simply the greatest surprise of his entire life"... I knew I wanted to experience that with my husband also!  Dad isn't so on board with this decision at the moment, being the "ultimate planner", he really wants to know and the uncertainty is driving him crazy. After the last ultrasound, he even called the doctor's office behind my back to try and find out the sex!  (Of course, they wouldn't give him any information... but still, I couldn't believe he even attempted to do that!)  Anyway, I am sure he will thank me when it is all said and done.

"But how will we plan?" "What if it is a boy?" "We have no boy's things..." Relax, I keep saying! First of all, it will probably be another girl, in which case, we will already be prepared. If it is a boy, you'll just have to run out and get some boys clothes when I am in the hospital...we can repaint the room later, and as for the wooden carved flowers on the white crib? (Hmmm, I'll have to creatively figure out how to cover them up, somehow... ) We'll work it all out... right? I am much more relaxed with this baby than I was with my first one.

So... for other mothers out there, how did you prepare for the arrival of your little ones?

"Now, the word of the Lord came to me, saying, before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born, I consecrated you." -Jeremiah 1:4-5 


  1. We like to find out. We always have. And, in our minds, finding out at the ultrasound is as exciting as waiting the full pregnancy.
    We thought maybe with #4, maybe we'd wait it out, but our son was out in the open as they say and there was no denying what we were looking at on the ultrasound. Same with #5...I guess my boys were gonna let us know what their gender was no matter what! LOL

    It's worked out well for us to know ahead of the birth mainly because we talk with and to and about our baby so much with our families that I truly believe I was building my mother-daughter relationships during pregnancy and my mother-son relationships during pregnancy. I realize not everyone looks at it that way, but knowing the gender of my babies gave me important (to me) information about the baby in my womb with whom I was preparing for life and love. Whether we are male or female is so much a part of who we are...I just loved knowing that about my children as soon as I could.

    So exciting for you, though, to go through it both ways! Enjoy the pregnancy...I know it can seem hard physically, and the older I have been, the more difficult it has been....but there have always been parts that I have cherished, no matter the difficulties.

  2. Michelle, Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You have expressed it so very eloquently, now I am regretting *not* finding out, LOL! From the few ultrasounds I've had already and the "lack of anything hanging out" so to speak, it leads us to believe it is another girl! (But... we just aren't really sure). It's strange and a little uncomfortable not having any idea. But, like I said, I just gotta try this once! I'll let you know how it all turns out. :-)


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