Friday, March 15, 2013

What's going on with the kids?

I thought it would be fun to let my readers know what has been happening with my little ones. This is not a typical post topic for me, but I am still trying to find my "grove" in blogging and this is not something I have to really think about before I write, I can just write. :-)

So... It's been a busy month. My oldest, Lauren, turned 7 on March 8th, and my middle daughter, Layna, turned 3 on March 9th. Last year I spent way too much money and threw a big "fancy party" at Paintbrush Pottery for my 6 year old. It was a lot of effort and very expensive. We had to invite everyone from her public school kindergarten class, and everyone from her daycare after school class. I just felt it was too much. This year, we took the girls (just our little family) to Chuck E Cheese and then to Skateword. Ahhh, how low stress, and fun, and overall much better. I picked up a cake at Kroger's and we sang happy birthday at Chuck E Cheese. I didn't give them any presents, and they didn't even care. They had a blast roller skating - it was Layna's first time on toddler skates and she was so darn cute. They have been begging me to go back all week.

Layna, finally, FINALLY, is beginning to potty train. She has been tinkling in the toilet just great! How exciting. I really thought we would never see this day. However, "going #2'... well, that is presenting some challenges. She's just not ready. She has made a complete mess in multiple public places now 2 times in the past 24 hours. This evening we were having a family pizza night, and we had to bolt out of the restaurant... (no diapers on hand, no change of clothes) We had a leakage issue (very very bad) and we had to take off all her clothes in the parking lot and do a full body wipe down and buckle her in her car seat in her birthday suit. At this point, we just had to laugh, because the situation was a little out of control. We all jumped in the shower when we got home.

Lauren has been losing teeth like crazy. The tooth fairy has been busy. I can't believe my "little girl" - and she is very much still an innocent little girl.. is growing so fast, and getting too big to fit in my lap. I love the young lady she is turning out to be, but it also makes me sad because I know this stage is going to fade quickly and soon enough we will be approaching those "tween" years... 

Leah, my baby, is getting ready to turn 1 next month. She is my most spoiled baby yet. I have created a "little monster" (as my husband likes to say). I'm still letting her sleep in our bed, which definitely has its pros and cons. She is very very close to walking. I am exciting about her taking her first steps.

Well, that's a quick update on my end. What about you? What fun things do you have to say about your kids or grand kids or nieces & nephews today?


  1. The little moments are what the love and joy of life are all about. Keep writing about those...and I have prayed very much for you lately. And I know with my husband and I, having our own bed was a good step for us...maybe for you too?
    I always have kept birthdays simple..we do not have the money for more...and the kids have always enjoyed it. Good job!

    1. Hi Susan, Your kindness really is appreciated. Thanks for your prayers. I can't explain it totally, but I feel very blessed to have someone out there in cyber space praying for me and my family... (even if it just a small quick prayer). I will do the same for you and any one who needs it. God Bless. And you are right, but the weaning out of the bed is going to be a long process. I know my husband will appreciate it, though, and it will be good for our relationship at this point.

  2. Oh dear! I tried not to laugh but the pizza outing story was just wild! I had a visual of this poor little bare bottom in a car seat and you all just driving home. You'll laugh about it years from now.. :) Hope it goes better with potty training real soon. I don't have kids myself, but I often hear that #2 is a much bigger step, for some reason.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. Tonight was a successful night. The target was hit! YES!


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